Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Red Wing boots, made to kick ass.

Most know me, as the Converse or Doc Martin guy, since I have not left my house, for the past twenty years, without my beloved high-top Chucks or my 80's era Docs.

A recent foot injury had forced me into exploring different shoe brands, because I needed something that was actually comfortable and supporting, to my aching ankle and foot.

I came across Red Wing Shoes. They look cool, the company has been in business for over a century and as an added bonus, the boots are hand made, in the USA.
They come with a life time warranty on the top leather part, free shoe laces for life and re-soling them will run you $80.
They are super comfortable.

Granted, they offer a cheaper Chinese version, don't buy them, just man up and do the right thing.
I believe that the American workforce should support the American workforce, while we still have one.

Hank approved

Mad Fabricators 6

Adventures of the coupe devils - Viking Run & Fun from Piero Deluca on Vimeo.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Casny Shoebox for sale!!!

The time has come. I'm getting ready to move shop, and trying to scrape some money together. I had to make the decision to sell my 1950 Ford Shoebox.
Send me an e-mail if interested, I'm asking $20'000 USD.

Link to the ad on the HAMB

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Mulholland Bridge in 1942 and now. Bill Armbrust 1935 Roadster.

I stumbled across this article and pictures on Rik Hoving's site, while doing some research on 35-36 Ford Customs.
This picture of Bill Armbrust's 35 Roadster, stopped me in my tracks, not only because, it's a superb car, also because the location this picture was taken at,  is very familiar to me (I live 5 minutes from there).

I had taken a picture last year of my car in the same location, and I stood exactly where the photographer stood facing south towards Hollywood in 1942.
This is the Mulholland Bridge in Hollywood CA.

I get a kick out of finding stuff like that.

Look at the mountain range

 Bill Armbrust's 1935 Roadster on the Mulholland Bridge, Hollywood CA, 1942.

Here is the article on Bill's 35 Roadster.