Friday, September 23, 2011

Powerglide #19 Cover

At the risk of sounding pompous, here is some news I'd like to share, since I'm pretty excited about it.

French Magazine Powerglide chose my car for their cover of issue number 19.

For this shoot I suggested to meet at my house in Hollywood instead of the usual, my shop in Burbank CA.
Yes, at my shop there is more to look at, cool parts, unfinished projects, etc, but I was simply running out of ideas on where to shoot, within the immediate area of my shop that didnt look familiar to magazine readers.
So, we decided to shoot the whole thing, right in front of my house

Many thank to Etienne Butterlin, editor and photographer for making this happen.

I'll post the whole article, which looks pretty damn cool, after the magazines October 10th release date.

PS: Powerglide #20 is supposed to feature my 1950 Ford shoebox, shot by Swiss photographer Marc W├Âltinger, keep your eyes peeled for that.

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